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Upsize pictures without losing the original quality
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AKVIS Magnifier can help you upsize pictures while minimizing quality losses. The application has a nice interface, which in many respects looks similar to those of well-known graphic-editing software. Luckily, it has two modes: express and advanced, which differ on usability and available features. Thus, if you are not an advanced user, you would probably prefer the simplest mode. The tool also has two tabs that allow you to compare the results with the original picture.

As input, the application supports a large array of not only standard image formats but also some rarer ones, like those used by photo cameras. When tested, the utility behaved exactly as described by its developer. It was able to remove artifacts and noise as well as sharpen edges, all this without any noticeable loss in quality. It is a good thing that it supports processing batches of pictures, which can save a lot of time and effort. Likewise, there are some presets to choose from, and you can even save new ones for frequent use.

Although previewing is almost instantaneous, processing images, particularly large ones, may take considerably longer. When the job is done, there are, fortunately, various ways to share the results. So, if you decide to save them to disk, you can use any of various popular formats including JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG. Likewise, it is possible to share them on a Cloud storage service such as Google+, Twitter, Flickr, and Dropbox. Finally, pictures can be sent directly to any printer installed on your system.

In general, AKVIS Magnifier may be one of the best tools of its kind, which is available both as a plugin for third-party software or as a standalone program. It is a shareware product available in various types of license for home and business users. Some of them are only for one of its versions (standalone or plugin) while others cover both types. The developer’s site shows a detailed description of these license types.

Pedro Castro
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  • Wide format support
  • Excellent image processing
  • Interface with two modes
  • Cloud-sharing
  • Easy preview of the results
  • Batch processing
  • Built-in presets
  • Available as both a plugin and a standalone program


  • Slow processing of large images
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